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Kelly's Hill Country Photography

I will be there for you, to capture YOUR priceless moments!


**Specialized in any special EVENTS**


~ Weddings, Anniversaries, Proposals,

Birthdays, Family Gatherings or Portraits~

...anything you want to remember! 

Be sure to check out the page where you can order prints and have them shipped straight to you!

About the photographer:

Kelly T. Feuge

My definition of photography: 

"Capturing a single moment in time to last a lifetime".

I am a constantly inspired photographer, which takes great pride in capturing precious and memorable moments in time.

I strive to make every photo a "postcard" and frame worthy still moment in time.

I started getting interested, taking classes, and studying in the profession of photography in 2004. I have done everything from developing photos from film, and the process of transitioning them from the film roll to the photo paper in a black room, to different techniques used in photography.

I've also made a homemade camera from a cardboard box and developed photos using nothing but the sunlight as my light source!

I started this passionate love of photography before digital or phone cameras came into existence. In this day and age, the world of technology has come a very long way.

There is nothing comparable to the classic photography, however I do pride myself on the knowledge of the manual options of the digital competitive world of photography.

I have taken photos ranging from landscapes, animals, people, family group photos, children, 
weddings, ceremonies, and other numerous events (too many to specifically mention).

I am always looking for a way to expand my knowledge and experience in this field.

***KT Photography is apart of Kelly T. Feuge & Kelly's Hill Country Photography***



 "Capturing a single moment in time to

last a lifetime! " 

Let's talk...

 Kelly T. Feuge

Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Tel: 304-654-4334



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